Palmeau & Associates specializes in getting the most out of your people by thoroughly assessing their strengths and then helping apply them in your corporate culture. We leverage brilliance.

Executive Effectiveness

Most executives bring formidable skills and experience to their roles. We leverage those assets. We illuminate blind spots and support our clients in addressing them. We identify opportunities to apply confirmed strengths to meet key challenges. We address tasks better suited to others’ aptitudes to support our clients’ understanding of successful delegation.

Boards of Directors

Boards and executive staff can see things differently. When boards form camps based on alternate perspectives, trust is eroded and focus shifts. Most importantly, progress and productivity decline. We have a proven track record of confidentially moving boards through trying times, while saving relationships and enhancing the reputation of organizations.

Executive Communication

Clients confide in us challenges with staff, customers, regulators; career choices, self doubt, family and health. We keep these confidences. We know that all aspects of executives’ lives enhance or impede leadership effectiveness and are happy to engage in the conversation. We don’t pry and we don’t shy. We critique presentations from concept to delivery. Our outside perspective allows us impartiality in perceiving the message’s clarity and overall effect.