What Leadership Isn’t

What Leadership Isn’t:

A Partial List

First Written June 2007

 You might not be a leader if:

  • You think you’re the Lone Ranger
  • You’re always looking over your shoulder
  • You need someone else to set you in motion
  • You’re afraid to ruffle feathers
  • You avoid work that denies you attention/credit/compliments
  • Everyone has to like you
  • You’d rather work on things than with people
  • You hoard credit and find it painful to pay compliments
  • You think people should “get it” the first time
  • You “treat everyone the same”
  • You devalue people based on “ism’s”
  • You regularly keep score on what the company “owes you”
  • You pay more attention to relationships above you than below
  • You think recognition is a zero-sum game
  • You prefer to be the source rather than a resource
  • You let emotion and mood drive your reactions and interaction
  • You’d rather be right than in relationship
  • You think developing your people is restricted to their technical skills
  • You think position means power
  • You “wing it” when running a meeting
  • You think employees are there for you to use as needed
  • You really wish you could just close the door and get to work
  • You think a good presentation consists of accurately delivered data
  • You wait for problems to solve themselves and blow up when they don’t
  • You let others take the risk of proposing ideas while you criticize them
  • You reject others’ observations about your ideas rather than considering them
  • You sneered at most of this list