We use a process unique to Palmeau & Associates, tested and refined over 20 years in the industry. This process guides conversations with our clients and the people around whom they work. Analysis is quantitative and qualitative, with a focus on content analysis. Feedback is delivered in person, with reference documentation.

A sample of the questions we answer:

  • Where are your leaders’ areas of brilliance?
  • What are their aptitudes?
  • How strong are their business and leadership acumen?
  • What is each leadership role expected to deliver to the organization?
  • What parts of a leadership role fit the person chosen to fill it?
  • What parts of a leader’s profile suggest a need for support relative to a role?
  • To what degree are your leaders aware of and accountable for their leadership styles and choices?
  • To what degree are your leaders aware of how others view them and the influence of those views on their effectiveness?
  • How would you rate the clarity, frequency, transparency and tone of your leaders’ communication with stakeholders—internally and externally?
  • What changes do you see in your leaders when they are under stress?
  • How well do your leaders handle the media?
  • How effectively do your leaders use humor to improve performance?
  • How closely does your board structure align with your organization’s mission?
  • How efficiently run are your board meetings?
  • How strong is the relationship between your CEO/President/Executive Director with your board chair?
  • How confident are you that your board leaves meetings prepared to uniformly and consistently represent decisions made during meetings?
  • What procedures do you have in place to remedy rifts that may form among differing factions of your board?
  • How effectively does your board chair rein in vocal “majorities of one” who take over meetings by force of personality?