Invest In Executive Development

The industry of executive counsel and advice is sensitive to the economy like many others. What makes it unique is that it polarizes clients – some run from it; others run to it. In manufacturing or shipping or production, they tend to be mutually dependent and where one suffers, they all suffer. To varying degrees depending on which one is breaking down, and how badly.

With development work, some companies close in and focus on the hard, tangible, quantifiable aspects of the business – keeping the lights on and the doors open – figuring that when things get better they will worry about the effectiveness of their leaders. At the other end of the spectrum are companies that realize how important effective leaders are in these very difficult times; how margin for error is razor-thin. They know that every resource they devote to improving their leaders insures against a decision or action their already-stretched buffers will have to absorb. Perhaps more importantly, they realize that the one or two percent increase in productivity they enjoy out of their staffs due to better leadership, sets them on a trajectory of growth that will build on itself and further distance them from their competition. That distance makes them more attractive as a company. It increases the likelihood that good talent will stay. It makes recruiting talent easier and provides a foundation for effective negotiations.

Now is not the time to run from executive development. Now is the time to invest for dramatic returns.